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About Ruby

Hello there! I'm Ruby. I'm a London based Illustrator, visual designer, and animator. As you can see, I'm a big fan of all things creatures and critters! My creativity comes from nature, animals, and the natural history of the world. It's what inspires me and captivates me, so I tend to focus on it in my work in hopes to connect with others who feel this inspiration too.

On Instagram I've found a niche of scary looking bold and vibrant canines and beasts, I have a love for horror and often lean towards it without thinking. This is where I take commissions!

When it comes to filmmaking, I focus on an appealing visual design, whether it be concept art or animation style, I often bring attention to colour and composition.

I welcome any chance to share my passions for illustration or film-making with other creatives, be it through commissions or interest, feel free to contact me!

*Disclaimer: not actually a possum as shown in the picture


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